Preschool girl listening to teacher in classroomDo you have a child applying for Pre-K or Kindergarten?


KAPP (Kindergarten Admissions Preparation Program) is an early childhood program developed by Advantage Testing of Houston created to prepare students and their families for the Pre-K and Kindergarten admissions process.  Recognizing the significant demands that the admissions process places on children and their families, we have developed a comprehensive program for Pre-K and Kindergarten admissions readiness. Visit our website at

Our program

• sharpens critical thinking skills for entrance exams
• increases confidence by working one-on-one with adults
• nurtures appropriate social and emotional regulation skills for visiting days
prepares child for group interviews with school admissions
• enhances early reading, writing, and vocabulary skills
• reinforces age-appropriate fine motor skill development
• provides suggestions to parents that support development at home
• IS FUN – we use games and play to accomplish our goals