jay-studenttutor_IMG_1386“Advantage Testing and Jay Resh gave our daughter so much more than an ‘advantage’.  He gave her confidence and the assurance that she can prevail through the ups and downs of standardized testing.  It is a process of peaks and valleys, and Jay helped her navigate her way to success and to a result beyond her expectations.  She has grown as a student and as a person through our time with Advantage.  We are forever grateful to Jay and his staff.”  Carla – St. John’s Parent


TUTOR-IMG_0440“We would Highly Recommend Advantage Testing – The professional tutors at Advantage Testing continue to make a significant impact in helping our three kids prepare for their academic courses as well as standardized testing.  The tutors are patient and strategic in their tutoring approach and genuinely care about their students.  Advantage has provided our kids with the skills and confidence they need to be successful in school. We feel that our kids’ academic achievements are a direct reflection of the commitment AT makes to their students to help them be the best they can be.”  Chris – Strake

TUTOR-IMG_0390“We can’t thank you enough.  It’s been a lengthy journey beginning with a declaration by my child that he was going to get a 32 on his ACT, followed by a 24 on his first practice test.  A year later, he surpassed his goal (a 33!).  That only happens when a determined kid receives extraordinary direction and support.  We are not sure whether he broke the record (among your students) for the greatest improvement from first to last test, but we know he was shooting for that distinction.  We are reasonably sure our son would never have been admitted to the LAH program (and perhaps to UT at all) without your help.”  Emery Parents

IMG_0382“Our experience with Advantage Testing has been phenomenal. The tutor working with our son is extraordinarily talented, incredibly knowledgeable, and exemplifies the spirit and endurance of a truly gifted teacher. He strives to instill a life-long love for learning, fosters intellectual curiosity, encourages clarity of thought, and promotes creativity and excellence in all aspects of education. He is a role model, an advisor/mentor, a coach, and a constant source of inspiration; our son has made significant, measurable strides in academics at school and on various standardized tests. Advantage Testing’s reputation for unrivalled academic excellence is well deserved, and its dynamic, distinguished, dedicated and committed tutors make this place very special amongst an array of appealing tutoring and test prep centers in Houston.”  Dr. A – Presbyterian Parents

TESTING-IMG_0317“While at Kinkaid, both of our children had the benefit of the extraordinary combination of SAT preparation attributes possessed by Jay Resh.  Jay Resh, in a carefully crystallized and individualized way, inculcated into our two children the optimum tools, ranging from methodology, to strategic, to tactical, in preparing for the SAT Exams.  He also made the sessions very positive and stimulating.  Jay made an extraordinary difference in the test results for our children, and I give him the highest possible recommendation in every respect.”  Jeff – Kinkaid Parent


SAT-PREP-TEST-IMG_0372“Thanks to Jay Resh and his team at Advantage Testing, my four older children made excellent scores on their SATs, which was a giant factor in each of them being admitted to his and her dream school.  Three out of four were National Merit Finalists, and we give Advantage much of the credit for that.  My children have been tutored in seemingly every subject under the sun; Advantage Testing does it all!   Currently, child five and child six are in full swing, studying for the SAT, and they have already reaped rewards from their work with the amazing tutors at Advantage Testing.  Some of my children are better testers than others, but Advantage has helped each of them reach his and her full potential. We know that, in addition to being excellent instructors, Advantage tutors are great motivators – our children now want to excel.  I am so thankful that we have Advantage Testing in Houston!”  Jenny – St. John’s Parent