JayResh2007A Message from Jay Resh

Two themes summarize my eighteen years of experience with Advantage Testing of Houston: 1) one’s intellect is not static and predetermined at birth but rather a marvelously malleable, multi-faceted gift, and 2) there is no better way to enhance and cultivate that gift than the warm, mentoring relationship provided by tutoring. Because of their role in our society as a rite of passage, standardized exams provide a singular opportunity to educate. Is a student struggling with reading comprehension because of a weak vocabulary? That challenge has a remedy: focused and extended study of vocabulary lists. Has the student had difficulty with word problems in math? Perhaps the obstacle lies in interpreting certain key phrases. The ultimate advantage of such a systematic approach is that, along the journey, students learn in a visceral way the value of tenacity and persistence.

Because we carefully guide parents and students through the entire tutoring process, gleaning valuable insights about learning styles along the way, we are able to set appropriate goals and formulate a plan to reach those goals.  As a result, we can handle a wide range of students, from students who have traditionally struggled with such exams to students trying to raise their scores from the top 1% of all test-takers to the top 0.1% of all test-takers. Regardless of where a student is, there is always room for improvement. Do we teach test-specific strategies? Of course. But the most significant gains in standardized exam scores are achieved only when one hones the underlying skills tested by these exams – skills, by the way, that are essential for students to thrive in any academic environment.

jay-studentBecause we are academics at heart, all of the tutors at Advantage Testing  are well equipped to tutor a wide range of academic subjects as well as  the full range of standardized exams. In fact, the two pursuits should be complementary. And because we treat tutoring as a profession every bit as worthy as traditional pursuits such as law and medicine, Advantage Testing of Houston has been able to attract and retain full-time staff possessing decades of teaching experience and devoted to tutoring as a professional career.

We understand that tutoring with us requires a substantial time and financial commitment.  In return, we at Advantage Testing of Houston make a deep personal investment with every student and family who enter our doors. Rest assured, there is no better way to educate than through outstanding tutoring.

  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Physics, Princeton University
  • M.S. and Ph.D. Physics, University of Houston with thesis research at Rice University
  • NASA Space Grant Fellowship while in graduate school
  • Over 18 years of tutoring experience for all sections of a wide array of exams and subjects
  • Former triathlete and avid cyclist